World Health Card can also be used as ID CARD & DRIVER LICENSE by Government agencies around the world.

World Health Card system has built-in features that only can be used with an Government access card or Police access card. (for driver`s lincense ).

Medical information are hidden and protected !

The health card can be used to issue and control temporary or permanent identity for:

  • Landed immigrants
  • Refugee claimants
  • Tourist visa
  • Temporary visitors
  • Student visa claimants
  • Social services recipients
  • Temporary workers on limited stay visas

or even for secure and fraud-proof elections



Health card and ID card at once
e.g.World Health Card for landed immigrants
Process starts at the border post or bureau taking care of immigrants. WHC smart card is given to every such person that Government Immigration Agency wants to register, control, help and enable additional services for. The person’s personal ID information is taken and written into the smart health card. Also, fingerprint / PIN is created and the card is ready to be used. Immigrants, and specially refugees sometimes don’t have sufficient documentation, or none at all. WHC card can serve as their ID card entitling them for certain protection, support and other services provided. Card also acts as a health card and can be widely used with various medical services. An immigrant and or a refugee will more than likely not have any medical records, therefore the World Health Card is a perfect start for them. The border control or designated Government agent is given limited access to WHC smart card. They can see and edit personal ID information and have total control over the Government designated page, but medical information are protected.


A Government office is able to see information already entered into the card and edit or add information to the card. Thanks to WHC card encryption and control card subsystem, the WHC card can’t be forfeited, cloned or changed in any way. Biometric authentication also ensures that card holder is validated against fingerprint template stored in the card so card cannot be given to another person. Thus, Government provided benefits are safe from uncontrolled spending and abuse of any kind. Most popular abuse of the system is reaping off benefits from multiple social centers or even towns. This is a big problem and it must be stopped in its tracks immediately! Governments are bound to save millions otherwise spent supporting illegal immigrant’s claims and misuse of social services. Now that the WHC smart card is here, taxpayers money will not be thrown away! Best part is that this functionality is included with every WHC card at the moment of issuance! There is nothing else to load or change. It is there to be used at will. As all other functionalities this one will sure use extensive benefits from multiple languages and translators built into the World Health Card Software Suite! There is no better place to experience multitude of languages than at the border. Benefits to the officer are instant while saving time and money in process.



First glance at the comprehensive system like World Health Card draws inevitable question, how much does it cost? We have no doubts that every Country in the World will benefit from World Health Card. That crucial question will be in the mind of every official considering WHC implementation. Governments everywhere may be strapped for funds but in this case there is no cause for concern.

Scardi thought about that and came up with very simple and effective answer and solution.

How much it will cost Government?

Nothing !

We interviewed several hundred random people would they pay $4.00 - $5.00 per year for smart health card?


EVERY single person answered YES with no hesitation. We must admit that it did not surprise us at all.

Breakdown of costs may very well look like this:

  • Cost of card preparation, distribution, sales - 0 dollars. Government does not have to buy, print, mail it or handle in any way. WHC distributors will take care that cards are available at every medical institution or simply mail it as result of on-line sales.
  • Cards personalization - patients themselves are doing initial card personalization and possible updates throughout the life of card, No cost to Government!
  • Cards data handling equipment - smart card readers, kiosks, supporting hardware.
    Approximate cost of $200.00 is all needed to establish card acceptance conditions. When used WHC cards save so much time and money that every doctor will gladly invest into startup kit. Standard existing PC and startup kit is all needed. Kiosks could be obtained as a demo, leased or purchased from distributors. 
  • WHC system does not need expensive and labor intensive servers. There is nothing else to buy or to have in order for system to work.




Yes, we can make it even better! In addition to all features, the basic WHC software Suite could be upgraded at specific request!
Government agencies around the world use all kinds of software and if a dynamic connection to existing software package is needed Scardi is able to oblige. Our programmers can create integration utilities so information from WHC Suite can be extended to an already set software.

Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ)

What is the challenge ?

Many countries have tried it. Countless millions of hard cash and tens of millions of development hours are gone into research and development, but until today nobody succeeded.

Typical system layout is based on the single main storage server, regulating access rights by user name and password, the need to store patients data with the patients ID information and handling the big amount traffic is a complex task and on that large scale really difficult to solve.

Latest example announced on Sept. 15. 2012, Toronto, Canada: The Toronto Star says "eHealth diabetes registry faces axe". Article published this morning says that repeated delays by developer have rendered the $46.2 Million system obsolete even before it was completed! Project dragged for years and suppose to be completed by year 2015. The system was haven for consultants getting paid up to $3000 per day fees! Political bombshell ends with words that taxpayer money has to be protected. Yeah, right, after all those millions spent. One of the key persons had yearly $329000 salary paid.

Is the system YOUR country is developing a similar money pit? Will YOUR taxpayers ever see results and recover investment in form of better health care? Do your patients have a time to wait for solution that is very expensive and takes somebody's life time to complete? Is there even money for that? Many tough questions and very few answers!

Electronic Patient Journal Solution by Scardi

Electronic Patient Journal, new approach !

Our World Health Card already contains almost all medical information about the patient in written form, but unfortunately a smart card is not able to store informations on larger scale like X-Ray, MRT or documents. We thought World Health Card would not be the best EPJ solution if we can`t offer this kind of information. So after a few days of brain storming and testing we find a perfect and secure way.

Scardi AS can offer a highly secure system where it is possible to store pictures or any kind of document without the need of:

  • Patient's ID information nor geographical information
  • User's name and password for authorization and access rights
  • We don´t need one main server

Our system is more flexible then any other known system and it can work with hundreds of servers doesn`t matter where they are located. It regulates even access rights by groups ( e.g. Doctors,Nurses, Emergency services) so everybody can get information that medical professional is entitled to. The best part is that information can be organized and accessed locally, by state, nationally or international if set so.

Here we don't reveal all information. How system works, checks and validates access rights.

Information like that will be presented in direct contact or by appointment only.


You asked for it and WHC delivers!

Retired people and social support recipients are part of every society everywhere. Every month around the world Government pays to millions of people. It is done either:

1. old way by sending a cash by post
2. still old way by pickup in person on Government cash counter
3. better way by mailing a check to be cashed or deposited
4. best way by sending money to person’s bank account

Needless to say, we would not recommend first 2 techniques to anyone. They are outright dangerous for money carrier and also for the recipient. Possibilities for theft, payments to wrong person, even dead person are simply endless! Mailing a check or money transfer is definite improvements in security and handling payments. There is still a drawback. Those methods cost money, and we are talking a serious money!

If there are a million retirees / social support recipients printing and mailing a millions checks costs at least $0.40 - $0.50 per envelope with check. That amounts up to at least $400000 just to send payments out!  Cost of stationery, printing, machines is extra, every month.

Doing it by bank money transfers costs less but is still significant expense. Direct and indirect cost per transaction is at least in range of $0.30 - $0.40. At million people we are still in about half million dollar range.

At the last stage of WHC completion we were approached with that problem by delegation from one African country. It made us take a short hard look at it and we found an easy solution!


Since World Health Card shall be distributed to millions of people we created extra functionality to cover Government payments to retirees and social support recipients.We call that function World Health Card - eBankONE. It is a function in software that is hidden from other medical information of the smart card we are using. Information are protected by card encryption,  extra keys and only accessible by PIN or biometric validation which is already part of the whole WHC suite.


Government shows up as a banking entity and authority completely controlling the payout system to retirees and social support recipients:

  • No cost to Government for cards since they already exists in hands of card holders.
  • Payments are made directly from Government computers into the WHC eBankONE system.There is a zero cost of doing so.
  • Suddenly new moment surfaces, money that is normally transferred to the banks (via checks or direct deposit)  will still be in Government accounts, possibly for very long time. Money not gone is money that can earn interest for the Government, not banks.
  • Person entitled to get payment shall use Government controlled ATMs to withdraw cash when needed
  • PIN and biometric verification as safety features already exist in every WHC card
  • Instead of paying to the bank for ATM usage users will pay to the ATM operators (Government) small fee that will not only cover initial investment into ATMs very quickly, but also pay for maintenance.
  • No cash will exchange hands until ATM is used.
  • Payments to the cards can be fully automatic or manual.
  • WEB based electronic records shall be available for the users to see every transaction made
  • WHC eBankONE is environmentally green solution! Countless trees will be saved since mountains of papers and forms are not needed any more.
  • People tend to save money, they will be ready to turn eBankONE into ultimate savings vehicle saving huge amounts to Government and building wealth to society instead of spending it out.



Finally, goal is to make everything cashless up to the last person handling eBankONE.
After initial implementation next step will be turning WHC cards into true ePurse cards. Equipping merchants with suitable processing equipment will enable card holder to pay for goods and services with electronic money.

Next functionality we will be working on is payments to medical institutions (when applicable) directly from the card’s ePurse. Medications, therapies come to mind first.

Recipients of the social program benefits are definitely another group of people after retired persons that could enjoy eBankONE functionality of the WHC card.

Except for the money withdrawal capabilities card holders may find feature of easy money transfer from card to another card holder very useful. With a few keystrokes they will be able to send amount from their card to relative or friend. Transaction shall be fast and secure, regardless where other person is.

Credit card companies are swimming in money and for a good reason. Implementation of WHC eBankONE will save money to card holders and society as whole. Outflow of millions will be cut by significant amount and re-directed into own country programs.

Security and protection of privacy in WHC cards is already on highest levels. Medical information and other WHC functionalities are icing on the cake when talking of one integrated solution smart card.

We at WHC promise to never stop improving the system for everybody’s benefit!